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You need to get to the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and your tired of listening to SEO services tell you that it will take at least six months to get you there, right? This is the part were I intercept the ball and tell you all of that is bull crap! You can get to the first page of Google with in 30 days with no problem by contracting Hopeton Hewett SEO services. I know this sound like a joke especially when every SEO service in the country is telling you that it's not possible with in six months but you know what, I just shot that theory down by proving it other wise. I'm self proclaimed as one of the best SEO strategist in the United States! Of course your wondering why I would say that about myself and it's because I am. Where did you find this ad? At the top of the search results of course and I'm will to guarantee in the top three right? Of course! If you want fast, quality and reliable search engine optimization then you will get it here and it won't take six months at all. Matter of fact unless your selling cell phones I doubt it will take over three and usually I have it done with in thirty days like clock work. What you see below is a portion of my SEO strategy an how I operate it. I use link building to establish you a path to the stars. Let others say what they want but you don't get to the top of Google by doing nothing! This is effort and hard work that I've put into this to make sure that when I take on a customer I can give them the same results that I look to achieve for my own website or link. So if you want quality SEO services that will rank you on the first page in all three search engines then contact me on Elance and make sure you mention me so I can get some more bid tokens. For every person that I refer to the site I get to bid on ten more jobs that month or they give me $10. My suggestion to you would be to post your gig on Elance and have other SEO freelances like myself bid on the job so you can set your own budget. If you would like for me to bid on the job just send me an invite and I will happily apply for the job. This is of no risk to you and the best part of all is that Elance is free. So if you would like to get Hopeton Hewett SEO results that land you on the first page in less than thirty days then post your SEO gig to Elance and send me an invite! You can read the rest of the page but I warn you that this page needs updates. I'm in the process of changing everything to make for a better user experience but I am a busy little man indeed. Bear with me here, if you need search engine optimization tips then visit my blog by clicking this link: SEO

SEO is essential to acquiring new customers through the internet. Websites need to be found on the first page in organic search results to maximize the potiential gaining new clients. What I've learned from my personal experience is that you can't replace quality SEO services with anything. What I'm looking to do for you is get you to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for your relevant keywords then help you dominate. Video marketing is a good way to dominate the competition by designing an overwhelming presence in the search engines. There are all kinds of content from:

  1. web pages
  2. PDF files
  3. images
  4. videos
  5. music files

and even more places to host them. To get to the top of Google you have to target your keywords for another website. This is the most effective strategy that I've applied and it has landed me on the top of the Google search rankings nationally for multiple keywords in the last month since August 35, 2013. What you see above is a portion of how I would conduct my SEO strategy for any website. Now what I have to mention is I did all of this in the last thirty days so if an SEO company says that it can't be done they are out right lying or simply just don't know how to do SEO. Why? Well if it takes six months to get you on the first page of Google, I bet you guess what else comes along with that six months. You got it right, a contract which will generally allow the lazy to sit on their rumps and collect your money. If it takes six months to get you on the first page how long do you think it would take to get you into first place? A better question is how much money is it going to cost you? You can answer that later for yourself, what I offer is month to month services so you can decide if you want to sign a contract with me. I guarantee that after you see how effective my search engine optimization is you won't need to go to any one else, I assure you. I like to contract my services on Elance because there people can give you reviews and contract your services. In my opinion I think you should post your SEO gig on Elance so you can set a budget and then have freelancers like my self bid on your gig. It's totally free and you get freelancers and SEO companies alike bidding on you job providing proposals which all fit into your budget. Click the link above to be redirected to Elance.


Intellectual Expansionist SEO



The Intellectual Expansionist SEO process is what will land you on the first page. What I've contructed is an infrastructure of link building web 2.0 properties designed to build you quality back links that Google appreciates and will reward your website for. For each article that is written that link gets a minimum of 20 back links automatically. Results usually take about 5 to 20 days to show up in the Google search engine, once we see where the link lands then we can promote it to the top. It's that simple and you have nothing to risk, check out some of my gigs on Fiverr to see what I offer for my SEO services. Do you use Craigslist? Well you should and you should buy my link wheel gig on fiver to get your ad to the first page. Some links that you may have can make it to Google but won't make it to Bing and Yahoo. To counter-act this there are a couple of things we could do like posting an ad to Craiglist. Once we have an ad posted we use the page rank of Craigslist to anchor your website to the top. It's the same thing I use with video. Another cool trick I learned is to put a link to the video that your promoting in your Craiglist ad to get better rankings. Craigslist should be an essential part of your online marketing campaign and if you contract my services through Elance then you will see that one of the first SEM-company-search-engine-marketing-firmthings that I do besides promote your video is make a Craiglist ad and run it through a twenty spoke link wheel with link text (link text let's the search engines know what keyword you're targeting, on-page optimization is important but if you do the off-page optimization right and combine the two you'll get to the top immediately) to get your Craigslist ad to rank on the top of the first page. These results are immediate in Yahoo and Bing but like I said, it might take the Google search engine up to 5 days to register the new link. No matter your video will rank instantaneously at the top of the Google search engine. Contact me on Elance, Fiverr or email me on Craigslist. I like to funnel business through other micro websites to see where I can improve my marketing campaign. Not saying you have to do the same thing because I have millions of ideas to help every business with social networking and marketing. Are you ready to get started?search-engine-optimization-intellectual-expansionist

How Your Business Benefits From Our SEO


The things I implement into our content strategy is all inclusive meaning there is nothing left out because I simply don't like to lose. Search engine optimization is one of the hardest things to come to glimps with because there are too many elements to account for and the one element that is not accounted for is what your competitor will make a grab at. So we have to consider every thing from informative, original, and entertaining articles to what you put into your blog. I will give you free advice on the content I think will benefit your online marketing campaign as well as the best way to implement it to maximize the potential benefit of our efforts. So what does the internet consider content? Items like videos, photographs, articles, press releases and so on. So I use all forms of this and mix it into our content strategy to move your website up in the Google rankings and surpass your competitors. My job as professional content strategist and search engine optimizer is to make sure that you keep producing fresh and original content at a fast pace to give search engines something new to crawl. All of the content that I'll produce will lead back to your site and we'll permeate it through out social networks to increase the effect. For example if someone likes the content that is produce for your wesite then they can then post it to your their site. This usually happens when your link is extremely informative or entertaining but this is how a website builds validity in Google. The more places the search engines find your link or a link that came from your site, the more relevant you are when someone queries your keywords in the search engines.


Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy Is Original

I don't rely on any in particular search engine optimization strategy but try to use what is necassary to win. Instead we apply everything that the competition applies and then some. If your competition is making content rich blog post on a daily basis and having interactions with his reading base then we would have to match their strategy and on top of that produce a short video every two days. The point is not to produce content rich blog post that promote your services but try to gain the attention of readers. Engarticle-marketing-intellectual-expansionistage customers and getting them to respond as well as produce articles that are original to your site. These blog postings should be full of helpful and informative information that even your competitor would find helpful and want to post to his blog or website. Encourage your reading base and their readers to take what was found on your website and pay closer attention to it. This article is only one piece of content that will be on the internet forever. Four months from now that same information will be available for anyone to use it as content for their site and they probably will. The content that we have created for you is still good as long as it sits and will be yours as long as you own the domain. We don't expect you to wait that long to beat your competition in the search engine rankings. So we would keep producing customer engaging content until your online profile is over whelmed your competition and no matter where they look they see some of your kind of content linked to your site. This is a white hat search engine optimization practice and is the only way to get your to the top of the Google rankings and keep you there.

Our SEO Produces Results Immediately

digital-design-intellecuctual-ExpansionistYou will be able to see the results right after you contract us to optimize your website. We know almost every way to acquire back links to your site and we will also submit your link to 500 directories depending on which SEO(search engin optimization) content strategy that you choose. We have SEO(search engine optimization) content strategy packages to fit every price range starting at $99 per month all the way up to $1499 for our Grand Strategy SEO (search engine optimization) content strategy. All SEO(search engine optimization) content strategies come standard with at least on high definition promotional video and at least one press release. Have a look at our SEO(search engine optimization) content strategies and see which one will fit in to your budget. Read over the details of the services being performed and see if it will help your online marketing campaign. Nothing is concrete here because as strategist we have to be able to adapt to the constant change of chaos. In order to reach the goals and positioning for your website which you set out for us we have to consider some of the things written down might have to change but only for the better. Intellectual Expansionist Marketing is here to compete so I say lets win together.

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