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Marketing and SEO | Intellectual Expansionist

Marketing and advertising seems like one of the most competitive sports on the face of the planet. I began my carreer as a carpet cleaner and then I moved to be an advertiser about a year and a ago. At the time I was renting a carpet cleaning website from a company in Arizona who still has that website for rent today. It delivering very good carpet cleaning leads and help me get my carpet cleaning business off the ground. I got very lucky because they called me and it seem that day the Gods were watching over me. I ended up signing a contract with them for a year and it was decent but around the sixth month into it the leads started to decline. It went from having 3 to 4 leads a day to 1 every other week. Luckily for me I had saved a lot of the money I made that summer when the jobs were a coming in consistently and I'm glad i did that because those finances bought me time. So I decided to copy there business model and immediately started learning how to develop websites. My grandfather and mentor had died a month prior and my subcontractor asked "what are you going to do in the winter time when the carpet cleans slow down?" My response to that question was "Adapted!". That was the turning point of my life which initiated and inspired me to become what I now refer to as an intellectual Expansionist. I have no clue where I came up with the term or how I indoctrinated it into my every day life but what I do know is after my grandfather died it began and I haven't been the same since. Intellectual Expansionist is not a person, place or thing. It's an Idea that changed how I personally pursue goals and ambitions. Before the death of my grandfather I was commited on a path to do amazing but mundane things with my life but after I felt like I had no other choice but to pursue the impossible assisted only by the motivation I took from the death of my grandfather. May God rest his soul in peace!


Digital Advertising | Intellectual Expansionist.


So i learned a lot of things very fast through direct application because I had to and I left myself no other choice. I needed to become all of what my grandfather hoped for me and more. Besides that if I didn't keep my self busy, thinking about the most important entity in my life never returning would have torn me apart. I promise you that it still does until this day so I have to keep myself busy because I know he is watching over me from the heavens and hopefully he is proud of what I have accomplished since he died. So in order to hold myself together mentally I had to direct my anger and more importantly my focus not at what I had lost from his death but use it to make me more and better the person that I was yesterday. Doing that every day is how I would describe the concept of being an intellectual expansionism. I fear nothing and I will stand my ground under any and all circumstances because this is my ground. I pick adversaries as targets because I feel that they give me pupose in this competitive world of marketing and advertising. It's not that I was scared or intimidated of bigger companies but the fact is I didn't know what to do or who I was. I've have only been doing online marketing and advertising for a little bit under two years and I taught everything that apply today to myself. It seems like I have been preparing for these opportunities all my life with our actually knowing what I was doing. I just do what ever comes my way and I have never base my potential or abilities off of someone else's opinion. Instead I conquer myself and the person I was yesterday to become a man of better characteristics and qualities to day. if I'm not good at something that is only for the moment because everything is hard when you first start but the more you do the better you become at it. So I think about all the things that I see in my competitors and consider them all from the smallest to the largest in order actually understand the potential gravity of the situation. See the point is not to be an individual person but to be all persons as an individual and adapt to what the world gives you. At some point the cards will deal you a hand that you can bet it all on and win. My adversaries are nothing but people just as I am with the same abilities and blood flowing through there veins. So the fact of the matter is that if you can do something then I can do it just as well. In the beginning they judge and under-estimate the depths of my practices and I let them because what they say about me tells them nothing about me. It tell me more about them and how they take their job, resources and talents for granted. At the present time in Omaha, Ne I have literally achieved the impossible and you might seemed surprised but when you leave yourself no other choice, your only choice is to survive.


As An Intellectual Expansionist I Remember This.


Nothing is impossible! impossible is a word people use to frightened and avoid situations literally cheating themselves by not accepting the challenges that are presented. How is it that something is unchallengeable in the land of the free and who would ever believe such a thing? Let's' say that it's impossible what ever the case may be but again what is impossible.? Breathing water with out gills sound impossible for some one who doesn't have gills but we can adapt and hold our breath, can we not? If you have ever ran into the impossible you should have died trying to conquer it and what if you just so happen to conquer the impossible. What would you do if you were to conquered the impossible? I hope shortly after that you realize that it's possible and that what I am writing about is only a word isn't it? What do you do after you conquer the impossible. I can't speak for you but I would spend my time trying to find more impossibilities to conquer because after you conquer the impossible then any thing is possible is it not?


Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and SEO


I bought and built Janitorial Carpet Cleaning on I think January 10, 2013. I had a carpet cleaning site before the domain was called Omaha carpet cleaning services. That was the start of my search engine optimization career I guess but more importantly I figured our what I was doing. That battle against the other carpet cleaners are competitive and you'd better have some promotional capacity if your going to get even one carpet clean. Then it came to my attention that there were cleaning companies already established in the business which makes it pretty hard for a guy just beginning. So I using my time focusing on SEO and online advertsing. I found it to be very fun, competitive and I still look at it as if it were a game of chess. This is an internet based battlefield where we fight for new customers and develop new marketing techniques to collapse the marketing foundation of our adversaries. Without incorporating an online strategy into you business and marketing campaign your business doesn't fail it will be a struggle to say the least. I taught myself how to build websites, then search optimization in very short periods of time.


People are constantly looking for information on marketing, advertising and SEO. Cover all the ground you can from the loose sands to the prairies shreds of grass. I didn't ever think that I seriously would be this good at search engine optimization but if you look at the stats of my two websites you would be amazed because I am and I'm sure my grandfather is as well. My Alexa ranking keeps dropping because of the traffic that I produces and I keep gettin online attention.


Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising


Like I said in previous statements I decided I was an Intellectual Expansionist shortly after my grandfather and mentor died in the hospital about two months before the end of 2012 on December 16, 2012. Although it was a grim day in my life a friend of mine took me to the local Borders book store to get a book on how to build and develop websites. Two months later i was building websites and I am still building websites. The most important thing about a website is not how it's built but how to develop the traffic that it needs to it into a valuable asset. Websites have the potential to earn you money as it sits online through affiliate marketing and letting other companies post their advertisements to your site. Their are a variety of ways to perform this and I believe I have literally tried to read every thing on how to do it from every diffent aspect and I will continue to learn and expand my knowledge not on this concept alone but upon everything. This is what defines me as a person and through this concept of intellectual expansionism is the only way I know to show the world my true character.


Online Marketing, Adverting and SEO | Intellectual Expansionist


We think so there is thought, now that we have thought should this not transcend into an action of some sort. Read these words carefully and remember them through out all your time. Thought transcend into action, then action into achievement. It is that simple. I may have bought this domain eight months ago but I just built it. Look at the stats and you can look at yours as well just click here to see. Every SEO and online marketer in the world would love for this to be their website and to have stats like this. I have two - Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Janitorial Carpet Cleaning and both are ranked under 800,000 and neither of them are six months old as of yet. The Intellectual Expansionist Website is worthover $3900 according to statscrop and Janitorial Carpet Cleaning was at over $3200 with an Alexa ranking beneath 750,000. My janitorial site gets more traffic and ranks better on Alexa than all of the marketing websites in the Omaha area. I did this in less than two months and I could do it for your website in a lot less time than that. So if you really want true search engine optimization and not a six to twelve month doctor plan for success then call a professional content strategist. 402-547-7883 and just ask for Hopeton Hewett.