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Writing The News For Your Business

If you need a company to write news for your business at a reasonbly affordable price then why not us? Our company writes news on daily basis for multiple companies, websites and people to increase their online exposure. Writing the news is one of the most important aspects of business especially if it's an online business. The publicity, recognition, back links and traffic makes this element of online business essential and rewarding as well. Depending on who you are writing and releasing your news through this could be of tremendous value to your company and business network. We write our news and your news on only trusted news release distribution sites such as We make sure that the news we write is what you need to promote your business through the web and get the maximum amount of exposure.


10 Reasons You Need a New Publicist


If you pay for video news on a news site then why don't you use it. You are a business owner and we know you don't like wasting money but why pay for a video release and not release a video. I noticed on a news release website that a lot of the press releases are not SEOed and this is online PR so SEO is essential. There are things that you can do to increase your online exposure on news release sites and attract more back links. Here are a list of the top ten things that I noticed people weren't doing on to SEO their news releases.

  1. Justify the link string.
  2. Keyword optimize your press release.
  3. Add as many pictures as you can.
  4. Include PDF files in your press release.
  5. Image optimize your news.
  6. Video optimize your news.
  7. Properly use the link text.
  8. Specify regions that specify and target your industries.
  9. Target cities that search for your service.
  10. Use all of the link text.


Here Are Ten Reasons You Should Hire Me As Your Publicist.

Is your publicist internationally known for his writing?
Can your publicist work with motion graphics?
Do you feel like you have been getting the most out of your news releases?
Did your publicist explain to you the importance of SEO in news writing?
Is your publicist a creative writer?
Can your publicist marketing you online?
Can your publicist create digital advertisement?
Does your publicist create new content on a daily basis?
Can your publicist get you 10,000 online impressions in one day with their news releases?
Is your publicist putting their all into publishing your news?
Is your publicist developing you readership in other countries?
Can your publicist optimize your RSS feed?
Can your publicist write XML?


Press Releases


Writing the news is the best way to advertise on the internet because press releases can constantly resurface them selves in search engines. When a company pays for ad-words or initiates a pay-per-click campaign the risk they are submitting themselves to could be disasterous. Finances could be waisted when they could contribute to a well written press release that endorses their company through a trusted source. Resulting in great promotional advertisement and a huge amount of online publicity bringing your company hoards of online business. Your news release could then be bookmarked and used as content for your websites helping you maintain a steady stream of online business but you have to use the right news release service. When you need online publicity the best place to go is Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising because we know there are two main factors that are involved:

  1. Where your news is published and distributed
  2. Who your news is distributed through

It is of paramount importance who you decide to distribute your news through to get the right promotional value out of your news release and using trusted sourses such as is sure to get you the online visibility that your business needs to generate leads to your website. Our news writing service starts at $150 per news release and we are taking on new clients. So if you need a company to write and publish your news then you should contact Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising today. Our phone number is 402-547-7883 and that line is always open for you to call us and inquire about how using news writing and press releases will increase traffic to your website and promote your business.


10 Reasons We Should Be Your Online Publicist.


The difference that I provide when producing a clients news is tremendous. Since I know how to do SEO and publicize, I can get better performance out of your press release on or I will buy you the same one. Look at all the wonderful things your publicist is not doing on news sites to get your news better exposure.


  1. Are they geographically targeting the areas by city to get the most out of your press release? If they didn’t perform this critical element then you’re are missing out on business or back links right now. The back links are crucial to being relevant in the search engines. You have to know where to put the press release in order to get the most out of your news. That’s one reason you should hire me as your publicist.

  2. Have they looked? I could tell you right now the top five cities for you to target your press release and get the most out of your news. Put it where the people are searching for it in the united states or the world. It doesn’t matter to me. This is internet marketing, if you want to be more relevant in the search and why they let your target five cities for something if you can’t find where to target them. That’s one more reason you hire should me as your publicist.

  3. Are they targeting the right industries to get the most out of their writing? In online marketing there has to be a spin to it in order to hit all the potential industries in your news release. Does your publicist know how to do that? If not that’s one more reason you should hire me as your publicist.

  4. Does your publicist do image optimizations? Crucial part of performing SEO and being an efficient online publicist is the image optimization, your publicist should know how to link those to your website when your news is publish. I think that’s another reason you should hire me as your publicist.

  5. Does your publicist do video optimizations?  I guess not again huh? Well if doesn’t link the video on the press release to your website then what good is the video? You should hire me as your publicist?

  6. Does your publicist do keyword optimization? A news release is a page and you only get 400 words or so get the most out of your news by keyword optimizing each paragraph. That’s another reason you should hire me as your publicist.

  7. Does your publicist do link string optimizations.? If not then that’s another reason why you should  hire me as your publicist.

  8. Can your publicist update your website? You know, can he put a link from your website to the press release so when your readers visit your site. They can immediately find your news. That’s one more reason you should hire me as your publicist.

  9. Can your publicist edit video? I use FCPX, Motion Graphics and the whole adobe suite. That’s one more reason you should hire me as your publicist.

  10. Can your publicist do SEO? I think that’s one more reason you should hire me as your publicist.


The News Article About The 20 Things Your Publicist Is Not Doin.