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Link Building | Intellectual Expansionist

Some may ask what is the importance of link building in (SEO)search engine optimization? Let me put it to you this way, if Google was a government then links would be it's currency so it is very important to build up your website's currency so it is worth something in the eyes of the government. Google uses links to determine how relevant you are in searches by determining which links are pointing at your site. The best thing to do is to build as many links as possible that have something to do with your niche right? That is actually yet to be determined. I know that I myself have gotten linked to websites that have nothing to do with online marketing but they very well add validity to my website and improved my search-ability as well. So if you want my advice I would suggest building links where ever you can because this is the currency of our internet government and like they say if your money is green we will take it!


The Importance of Link Building In SEO Services


To stay relevant in search engines and to build page rank are the reasons that websites have to build links. The more links that you have pointing at your site the better at any given time so it is important to build original content for your website as a foundation of your link building efforts. There are a whole list of links where I have built profiles of my business information to improve traffic and my Google PR which I will go through later. What I try to do is target highly traffic sites with a page rank of at least six to improve my own websites validity in search engines but then the question becomes where should I go to build my links and profiles in order to see the best results?


Were To Build Links To Improve SEO and Visibility


Where would a professional search engine optimizer suggest that you start building links at? Well, it all depends on what you are willing to do for yourself and more importantly what are you interested in. I have found myself submitting my links to art publishing sites because I produce digital advertisements to promote my business. These are highly trafficed sites with lots of users and they usually have a high page rank. So don't skip past these sites because you never know who or when someone might be looking for the services that you provide based off of the art that you publish. If I were to start a link building campaign I would suggest that you start with all of the regular stuff that every one else has and then include more. Below is a list 20 of links that I would personally use to start building your website's validity in all three search engines.

  1. Yext
  2. Manta
  3. Yelp
  4. Linked In

  5. FaceBook

  6. Google+

  7. Feed Burner
  8. Manta
  9. Merchant Circle
  10. Pinterest

  11. Stumble Upon

  12. Tumblr

  13. Flickr

  14. Behanced

  15. Ezinearticles

  16. Twitter

  17. Craiglist
  18. Wordpress

  19. Yahoo
  20. Blogger

The Squidoo Page | Impact Online Visibility


The power of the Squidoo page is not really talked about in most (SEO)search engine optimization circles. I discovered the power of the Squidoo page a while back when I had just got into SEO(search engine optimization) and it was one thing about back linking that I had never forgotten. Squidoo is a PR seven site with a lot of traffic and shoppers. They allow you to endorse client products, link to your page, add as much content as you want, and it is all free. The more you put into a Squidoo page the more you get out of it and these pages can also be linked to your Paypal account to collect royalties on the items you endorse. They have one of the most under-rated back links for SEO(search engine optimization) that I have never heard about and there pages are constantly crawled by search engine spiders. So if you want to build a high quality back link that can get your website exposure and also obtain you business try building a Squidoo page. You won't regret it I garuantee the results will be worth the time that you put into it. Make sure that you add as much content as you can in the form or text, images, endorsed products, and videos. If you get board or if you feel like that page is not enough you can alway build another one and like I said it's free.