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Social Media Marketing


In the digital world we live in social media is part of our every day lives and there is no way to ignore this. So why not promote your business through social media, if we can't ignore it then doesn't that mean that no one else can ignore it either? When you look around how many people do you see using Iphones? Which is more than likely one of the most high tech communication and digital devices of our time. Of those people that you see with Iphones how many do you think are connected to some kind of social media site from there phone? Our guess would be all of them just so you under stands how important social media is to a business and a website. Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising structures the best social media campaigns to get you the most out of your website. The more social media sites that your are connected to the better and the more business your website will acquire ultimately. Without social media your website is not going to get the exposure it need to grow, you can write the best news in the whole world but there are two important elements that your online campagin would be missing out on by not introducing it to social media.



  1. One being that whenever you build a social media profile that also establishes you a back link from a trusted source.
  2. The social media site ranks higher than your website and your competition's so which ever one of you has the profile will probably come up first in the search engines.


Social Media Networking

In order to execute a successful social media campaign your going to have to build a very large social media network. Social media networking is an online businesses best friend because the more people you have in your social media network the more exposure your website will obtains when it realeases information. Releasing a lot of information to your to social media network is not always a good thing unless your social media network is structured around an industry. The reason social media is important is not because every person that you associate with on these networks are going to buy what you are selling because the world is not perfect. What has to be accomplished by the use of social media networking is the possible business leads of course but also hits to your website and traffic as well. Expanding your website by blogging is the best thing to do to increase your search rankings and how much your website is crawled but what do you do with the helpful information and content that you have created? Share it with your social media network of course and this is why. When the information is shared with a social media network your website has a chance to earn clicks and if your link is clicked they should come back to your website. Ther should always be a blog connected to your website so that your website can expand. They may not buy any thing but the more time spent on your blog the more time they spend on your website reducing your click through rate and increase the amount of time they visitors spend on your website. Ultimately increasing and amount of visitors and the amount of time visitors spend on your website will increase your seach-ability.


Social Media Strategy


Social media strategy is pretty much determing how you're going to fill out the profiles that you select to get back links from. There is a long list of websites where we can sign up to get back links and increase you online exposure. The more back links that you have the better and more attention you attacted when your website's keywords are searched. Your website's positioning in all three search engine are dependent upon your social media strategy so you have to make sure that you strategize and structure it correctly. The most important thing to do is make sure you fill out profiles at all of the highly trafficed and highly ranked websites first. That would include:

These are the websites where your website would need to develop profiles in order to execute an effective social media marketing strategy. We go into more detail on our blog so if you would like to read about why these websites then click this link. This plays a really big part in applying an effective social media marketing strategy and a successful digital content strategy. Inellectual Expansionist Marketing and Adverting applies only the most effective social media strategy because we don't want to waist your time nor ours. When we set out to do something we get it done and we want to see you at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing making more online sales. Strategizing with social media is only one part of the whole plan to get you there. We will develop your website a social media following with our proven effective digital content strategy that will play a key role in your website's successful social media marketing campaign. Our social media marketing and link building services start out at $69 and we provide the most credible results in the Omaha Area. if you want results from your social media marketing campaign then call the social media marketing professionals at Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising. 402-547-7883.